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Year 7 2021 entry

In order to be considered for a place applicants must name Bristol Cathedral Choir School as a preference of secondary school on the common application form (CAF), direct to the local authority in which you live. The CAF will be available mid September 2020.

Bristol Cathedral Choir School has a published admission number of 150 students for Year 7 entry. If the number of applications exceeds the admission number, students with an EHCP in which Bristol Cathedral Choir School is named, will be admitted before others.

Bristol Cathedral Choir School is a heavily oversubscribed school. We received 1331 on time applications for year 7 2020 and cannot guarantee that a place will become available for your child. Therefore, it is essential that you apply to other schools as well. 

Where there are more applications than places available, places will be allocated in line with the oversubscription criteria, as set out in the determined admission arrangements 2021/22, in order of priority, as follows;

1.  Looked after child/previously looked after child;

2.  Probationer Chorister;

3.  Music Specialism;

4.  Children of Staff;

5.  Children who attend Cathedral Primary School as the named Feeder School;

6.  Children with a sibling on roll at BCCS in Year 7 to 11;

7.  Other children by random allocation living in Bristol postcode areas BS1 to BS16;

8.  All other children by random allocation not living in Bristol postcode areas BS1 to BS16.

We strongly advise parents/carers to read the determined admission arrangements 2021/22 before making an application to the school as well as the documents that are available to view via Guidelines for applying to Year 7 2021

Determined Admission Arrangements 2021/22

Cathedral Schools Trust is the admission authority for BCCS who have determined (agreed) the admission arrangements for children who will be admitted to the school at the normal point of entry for September 2021.

BCCS determined admission arrangements 2021/22 can be viewed here

BCCS Post 16 determined admission arrangements 2021/22 can be viewed here

Admission to other year groups 2020/21 

Applications for an in-year admission should be made directly to the school. 

For further information including the on-line application form for the current 2020/21 academic year please see Admission to Other Year Groups

Sixth Form Admission

For information please see Sixth Form Admission

For further information please contact