Choir School

Bristol Cathedral Choir School has a long and proud tradition of educating all the child Choristers for the Cathedral. It is also the first choir school in the country to become an Academy.

The Cathedral Choir sings to the highest professional standards and continues to fulfil an important role in the English choral tradition. It enjoys a busy and challenging timetable, including international tours, performances at festivals and regular broadcasts on BBC Radio 3. Its role in Choral Evensong and other services remains central, offering the people of Bristol and beyond the daily opportunity to enjoy the most sublime music in a wonderful building.

The Cathedral Choir comprises 28 choristers (14 boys and 14 girls). There are also a number of probationary choristers, who fulfil a part-timetable, as well as six Lay Clerks (adult choristers) and four Choral Scholars. Under the direction of the Canon Precentor and the Master of Choristers, the Choristers receive a musical education that is second to none. With the foundation of this professional musical training at an early age, many later go on to become professional musicians, whether as singers or as instrumentalists.

To be successful as a Chorister requires hard work and commitment: there are no short cuts to musical excellence. But the life of a Chorister can be immensely rewarding, too. Lifelong friendships are often forged in these formative years, based on shared experiences that can range from taking part in sports tournaments against other choirs to the joy of singing superb music in some of the world’s beautiful settings.

For information on how to become a Chorister please see our Chorister Admissions page.