Premium Partners

Bristol Cathedral Schools Trust share a common vision;   we believe that education and business should be working together to ensure our students access the knowledge and skills they need to learn for the future.

The CST Premium Partnership scheme provides a reciprocal and beneficial platform where students can gain the key life and employability skills required by employers, while our Partners can play an indispensable part in broadening horizons, raising aspirations and inspiring our young people.

Premium Partners for Schools is a vehicle that enables schools to build dynamic, strong and fruitful relationships with business in the local area and beyond. The Partners provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge and skills, and can help build bespoke projects with schools in the Trust. Students of all ages are given opportunities to interact with business leaders and develop skills that employers so keenly look for.

Bristol Cathedral Schools Trust are linked to a network of businesses and your company will be able to reach out to over 1000 students and 800 parents with a catchment across Bristol.

Inspire, raise aspirations, develop employability skills, mentor and encourage, enable informed choices.... these are all words that describe the impact you can have on our young people.

For further information on the CST Premium Partners please follow this link.