Clubs and Activities

At Bristol Cathedral Choir School, we recognise that a good education should be about more than success in the classroom, important though that is. There are many clubs and societies within the School and innumerable extra-curricular sporting, musical and dramatic opportunities: all pupils are encouraged to take part in the wider life of the School. 

Musicians can choose from two orchestras and a number of choirs and ensembles; there are frequent school plays open to various age levels, and sports teams compete in rugby, netball, football, rounders, hockey, cricket, tennis and other sports. All these offer opportunities for individual pupils to develop their talents and to learn how to work with others. Sporting fixtures take place on Saturday, usually in the morning or occasionally mid-week after school. Music and play rehearsals often take place during evenings and weekends.

There are five Houses at BCCS: Abbots, Bishops, Canons, Deans and Priors. All pupils and teachers are assigned to a House. House meetings, held once a week, form the basis of the House structure which is directed largely towards arranging inter-House sporting and other competitions.