Experience of Work at BCCS

A vital part of Careers Education is Experience of Work (WEX). 

Why do Work Experience?

Work experience gives young people the opportunity to develop valuable skills needed in the work place.  It increases their awareness of the working world and the expectations employers have of employees.  Through taking part in WEX students can gain skills and experiences in the following areas:

  • Meet and interact with new people.
  • Gain future contacts/network.
  • Develop employability skills, such as team work, presentation skills, critical thinking.
  • Find out more about a particular industry or profession.
  • Help make informed choices about future career ideas.
  • Experience travelling to and from work.
  • Gain a better understanding of the working environment.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Utilise written and verbal communication skills within a work environment.
  • Learn the importance of punctuality.
  • Gain experience for a CV.
  • Identify skills, strengths and areas of development.

BCCS WEX Programme 2022/23

In 2022/23 WEX will take place with BOTH Year 10 and Year 12 students

The Year 10 Block WEX programme for 2022/23 will run between 26th June and 30th June 2023.  The Year 12 Block WEX programme for 2022/23 will run between 2nd May and 5th May 2023 (NB only four days due to the Bank Holiday).The programme has been launched to students during tutor time and full details on the WEX process have been provided on the Futures google classroom/Futures webpages. 

If students would like to complete additional WEX placements outside of these dates they must seek permission and all school absences must be authorised in advance.

WEX offers an amazing insight into the world of work and can support students to develop vital soft skills as well as influencing career choices.  As such it is the expectation that ALL Year 10 and Yr 12 students take part.   


Please view the support documents on the school website regarding WEX, however, if you have a specific question relating to work experience, please do get in touch.

We are always looking for interesting and varied experience of work opportunities for our students.  If you are a business owner/decision maker and are able to offer a Work Experience placement please contact us.

All contact regarding WEX should be directed to:


Anna Duncan profile picture

Anna Duncan

CST WEX Coordinator

0117 353 5000 ext 5067 (Mon & Tue)