Specialist A-level provision

We offer more than 20 A-levels, providing students with a broad and balanced menu to choose from. Economics and Sociology have been added in recent years with excellent results. Students typically take three A levels, with many choosing to do the Extended Project Qualification alongside their studies.

The below boxes offer an insight into the subjects that we expect to offer in September 2021: why might you take them? where might  Please click on the subject box to explore what is studied and what is involved.

2023-24 Cohort: Please click on the 'Summer Reading' tab to access the guidance from departments on what you can do to best prepare yourself for A levels. These are recommended, but not compulsory. Remember to enjoy your summer as well!
"The outstanding quality of teaching, learning and assessment leads to the extremely impressive achievement of pupils." OFSTED 2016
If you want to get ahead and start exploring your chosen A level qualifications, download the exam board specifications by clicking on the image.
The content guide is really useful and should be printed for each subject folder that you have: they are useful guides and revision checklists for you to refer to whenever you need to.

Subject availability is dependent on suitable demand.

Please note:
You cannot study Further Mathematics without also studying Mathematics.