Bristol Cathedral Choir School has a strong tradition of sport. Every Wednesday afternoon, the majority of the Sixth Form have no lessons timetabled, and year 12 and 13 students can train with the squads in Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball. Fixtures are played regularly, and colours awarded for those who not only excel, but show commitment, improvement and a team spirit. Tours are organised, with the Rugby team off to Canada in the summer of 2017, and more in the pipeline

As a school we value what young people can get out of sport, not only the physical health benefits, but the values and skills that it can instil in us.

Further, there is opportunity to get involved in coaching and training the younger year groups, gaining invaluable leadership experience and contributing to the community of our school. 

"I love being involved here at BCCS. It's such a great way to get to know people, students and staff. It has really helped me feel like I belong, and to be proud of the school, and how the team plays, whether we win or loose. It's great fun representing the school at fixtures, and the camaraderie has been a real support. It's also been a chance to balance my studies, to physically push myself and get away from the studying for a few hours each week" Ali Phillips
"From year 7 right up to first team anyone and everyone gets involved. Both staff and students enjoy the competitive nature of school sport and relish the opportunity to replay some of our most fierce rivals including QEH, St Edward's and Mr Frost’s personal rivals - Wells Cathedral School who, at  rugby first team level, he has never managed to come away with a win. It's one of the many things that make BCCS such a great place to study" Courtney Sargent