Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

The world's leading achievement award is a fantastic challenge and popular with University and Employers, developing the skills and attributes they are looking for in young people. Here at BCCS we will support you in finding suitable activities to fulfill the Volunteering, Physical and Skill sections of the award, as well as take you through a comprehensive programme of training and trips that will see you complete the Expedition section of the award by the end of year 12.

All that remains is for you to find a Residential and you could have completed the award before you apply to University. With the highest completion rate for the Gold award in Bristol, BCCS is the place to be if you want this highly respected and coveted award.

DofE was an unforgettable experience with many amazing opportunities to expand many skills, from commitment to resilience, hockey to navigation. I have gained so many memories from the DofE programme, whilst making some really close friends on the expeditions and involving myself in the community through volunteer work. It has also given me a very impressive award that is easy to write about on my CV and University applications. It really is possible to get it done before your apply to university as BCCS is set up to do this."