Bristol Cathedral Choir School offers up to 15 places of the year 7 intake to applicants who show an aptitude in music. To find out more about music opportunities at BCCS and applying for a music specialism place please attend the presentation from the Head of Music Specialism.

Music Specialism Information Event - Monday 29th June 2020 4.30pm to 5.30pm 

Please note due to the current COVID-19 situation we are uncertain whether we will be able to offer this event. We will continue to monitor government guidelines regarding social distancing, large gatherings and of course, school closures and will update the website with details as to what is feasible in due course.

Please note: children and parents are welcome and it is not necessary to book for this event.

Unfortunately, there is no car parking on the school site, please use the following link for the nearest car parks: Parking

For more information please read the following guide: 

How to apply for a Music Specialism Place