The community at BCCS Sixth Form is warm, friendly and inclusive. Our first priority is to ensure that all students valued and supported. Students here quickly learn that they can contribute and help build on our strengths: you can become leaders within the sixth form.

One central aspect of our community is the Cathedral. Every Friday the whole school comes together to hear about the successes of the week, and to spend some time thinking and reflecting on wider issues, including faith. At the end of each term we have services to celebrate Christmas, Easter and the founding of the school. Central to our identity is diversity, and as a church school underpinned by a Christian Ethos, we welcome those of all faiths and none.

Underpinned by exceptional pastoral support, every child really does matter here. 

The ethos and culture of the academy are outstanding. Pupils from a wide and diverse range of backgrounds, faiths, beliefs and values come together in an exceptionally harmonious environment." OFSTED 2016
Caitlin Leney Tillet, Year 13 profile picture

Caitlin Leney Tillet, Year 13

As an external student I was first attracted to BCCS due to the mature, friendly and efficient atmosphere. I went to one of the open evenings held and was astonished at how passionate the teachers were about their subjects; after almost two years here, the spark has yet to leave their eyes. 

What I didn’t expect was how caring the pastoral side of this sixth form would be. In the run up to exams Mr Fuller and Mr Davies have frequently stressed that we can go to them for help and our tutors have kept up with us throughout the year.

BCCS also surpassed my expectations when it comes to extracurricular activities. We use the lovely catchphrase “You aren’t just your grades” and, although I am confident that we will all achieve highly, I am also confident that we have all been offered so many opportunities that I would not have received had I gone to a different establishment. Overall, BCCS has given me the optimum launch pad to the next steps of my life.

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Cameron Wilshere, Year 13

I joined BCCS at the start of sixth form in year 12 and, obviously, the prospect of starting a new school was daunting. However, my transition into Cathedral couldn’t have been any easier. The fact that the intake is roughly half internal and half external students helps, as everyone gets talking to everyone and you certainly couldn’t feel left out.

Our sixth form community is situated in Pates, a historical building on the upper quad exclusively for sixth form students and is the hub of our sixth form lives and soon becomes home. The school’s ethos and work ethic took me by surprise: it’s a refreshing change from GCSEs. We enter a professional environment where you’re treated like an adult. My teachers are an inspiration, many of whom have had careers in their relative fields and could never do enough to help you. I feel a sense of identity in being a Cathedral student and that is something that will never leave me.

In particular, the extra-curricular activities on offer helped me to feel as though I belonged at BCCS. I became involved in all ensembles in the Music department, including a chamber choir, gospel choir and jazz orchestra. This helped me to meet people with the same interests as me and these people have become my closest friends. The same is on offer in sports, and both are an ideal way to become better acquainted with teachers and students from all throughout the school.

We have an inclusive and professional community with so many opportunities, I really can’t imagine having spent my A-level years anywhere else.

Sumayyah Nadeem, Year 12 profile picture

Sumayyah Nadeem, Year 12

As an external student, I can say that the atmosphere of the school is very friendly and tolerant to people with different faiths and beliefs. Being a muslim, it has been very helpful that the school had given us a place to pray and allow us dress in our islamic clothes. We appreciate their inclusivity.

The teachers and students in the school are all very friendly and approachable. The teaching in the school is very professional and your given amazing advice by the teachers to help you succeed in your A-Levels. It’s safe to say the school is a very accepting place to be and I highly doubt the quality of teaching and guidance can beaten, after all that was the primary reason I chose Bristol Cathedral Choir School.

Ahmed Elboshra, Year 12 profile picture

Ahmed Elboshra, Year 12

Describing the community at BCCS in a few sentences is next to impossible. Knowing that everyone around me is positive and committed to helping each other gives me confidence. I like how interesting and diverse our community is and see it as a strength. From lunchtime clubs, to sport teams, to exciting charity events, the community at BCCS supports each and every individual in pursuing their goals.

Starting BCCS in Year 12 was a new, yet very significant stage in my life. Arriving from a different school made me slightly hesitant, but I was looking forward to getting to know the community at BCCS. Now, the students have ‘merged’ together into something great.

The process couldn’t have been any better! In less than a week, not only did I manage to find a group of friends with very similar qualities to myself to hang out with, but also with members of staff that I have managed to build a relationship with. This allows me to express my thoughts in lessons without reluctance. The staff at BCCS were very willing to get to know new students in lessons which allowed others and I to feel welcomed and appreciated. Almost immediately, I knew I would be happy here.

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Micaela Phillips, Year 13

I’ve been at Cathedral since year 7 – I’ve been part of this school for over six years. As a close community, there are high expectations to perform in every aspect of school life - whether it’s in an exam hall, on the sport field or at a concert - all aspects of school-life are impassioned and praised. From year 7 to 13, academic excellence and extra-curricular success ensure the growth of the brightest of kids, into the greatest of people.

When I walk into our Sixth Form Common Room every lunchtime, one thing is very clear: this Sixth Form is special. There is a huge sense of community. Some people are working, some are eating, some are dragging their kitbags off to the latest rugby fixture, and some are just enjoying a well-earned break, but all are one.

All are part of the same environment, the same community. All are striving for excellence. Achieving this is possible at Cathedral, but no one does it alone. That is why our community is so important. Staff, students and friends will support you on your journey.

Karolina Szymanska, Year 12 profile picture

Karolina Szymanska, Year 12

As an external student to BCCS, I was looking forward to a fresh start and a new environment going into my A levels. From the first day, this school has been welcoming and inspiring, with the drive for students to be independent and make use of the many opportunities available both in and out of school. Although the aim is for us, as sixth-form students, to take more responsibility, there is always support readily available.
Even though it's only been a year, I have experienced so much already. Joining the student parliament, helping to run open evenings and with the support of the sixth form  staff, securing a place on a residential seminar in America this summer, are just a few of the experiences BCCS has offered me thus far. 
Thanks for this opportunity! 
Albert Hadi, Year 12 profile picture

Albert Hadi, Year 12

Coming here as an outsider to this school, I was concerned about how I would fit in knowing that I would miss my previous school.

However, when I arrived here for the first time, the people were welcoming, the atmosphere was inviting and I could feel that I was in an engaging and friendly environment with an equally approachable community. I have many fond memories of my old school, what decided the fact that I attend this school on a daily basis is that despite the similarities, this school is also different. I could see myself belonging to, and being valued by, the community here. 

BCCS was a new place I could immerse myself in to gather new memories with new people. I liked the thought of that and it has gone better than I could have hoped. I enjoy my lessons and the challenge of A-levels and I respond well to having so many hard-working and talented students around me. Coming here has been a great decision.

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