Welcome to Bristol Cathedral Choir School


Welcome to Bristol Cathedral Choir School. The school became an academy in 2008 and draws on a rich heritage which stretches back through centuries of education on the site. We are part of Cathedral Schools Trust and also have National Teaching School accreditation. There are currently over 1000 students, from all parts of Bristol, in Years 7 to 13.

We have a comprehensive intake and welcome students of all faiths and none. The distinctive Christian ethos provides a context within which all parts of our community value tolerance, understanding and respect for each other.

Ofsted commented that “we use this diversity to create an ethos and culture that results in the incredibly harmonious community that is an absolute joy to experience.”  

The school has a reputation built on outstanding academic progress and outcomes, both at KS4 and KS5. Our Sixth Form attracts a large number of entrants into Year 12 and is now established as a centre of excellence for A Level study.

As Bristol’s oldest school, we are proud of our long traditions; this includes providing the choristers for the Cathedral Choir.

The music specialism provides an exceptional range of opportunities. Our choirs and ensembles have established a national reputation across a range of genres, from gospel to classical orchestral works. Outstanding student engagement and leadership, in and out of the classroom, is the driving force behind our community.

Our staff and governors work with enormous commitment and passion to provide these opportunities for young people. Thank you for your interest in the school. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Atkins  - Head of School



We hope that our website offers a sense of the vibrancy and diversity within our close community. 

Everyone is expected to get involved beyond the classroom. Whether it is gospel singing, playing chess or running around a rugby field, there will be something for you. Student led initiatives such as the Equalities Group or Student Parliament allow us to contribute to the important agendas in the school. We mix across the year groups, in a range of opportunities including mentoring, vertical tutor groups, drama, sport and music.

Teachers go the "extra mile" and students work hard to support each other. It is a busy, dynamic and fun place to learn.

Megan and Dan - Head Students