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Dear student, parent or guardian, 
In relation to the upcoming GCSE and A-level exams the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have updated its guidance on special consideration to take account of the latest Covid-19 guidance.
The guidance explains that an "acceptable reason" for special consideration includes an exam candidate staying at home and avoiding contact with others. This could be because a candidate is showing symptoms of Covid-19 (e.g high temperature) or has tested positive for coronavirus.
- If a candidate still wishes to attend their exams, they should be encouraged to follow guidance on how to reduce the chance of passing on Covid-19 to others. They must contact the exam officer as soon as possible copying in Head of Year Mr Dunton and reception. The student should wear a mask and report to reception and wait further instructions. Students with Covid, who do not show symptoms will be able to rejoin the main exam hall after 3 days. 
- If a candidate doesn't attend their exam, they or their parent or guardian will need to complete the JCQ self certification form: Form 14
- Where a candidate has an acceptable reason for not attending an exam, the Exams Officer will apply to the relevant exam board for special consideration.
- It is helpful, where possible to have evidence of a illness (e.g registering a positive LFT on government website, Doctors note of health.)
- Pupils will only be awarded a grade where they've completed  the assessment(s) for  at least 1 whole component within the specification.
You can find further guidance on the JCQ website.
Kind Regards
K Macbryde
Exam Officer