Community Iftar at Bristol Cathedral Choir School

Community Iftar 

Bristol Cathedral Choir School hosted its first Community Iftar in the Cresswell Centre on Tuesday 14th June.

This was a student-led initiative led by Ismaeel Akram in Year 12, who helped to organise the evening. The aim was for members of our whole school community - staff, students and parents - of all faiths to come together and learn more about Ramadan, and also share food at sunset.

Rizwan Ahmed from Bristol Muslim Cultural Society shared the history of Islam in the UK with us, and also explained why Ramadan is so important to Muslims. The Q & A session that followed was also really informative and engaging. We are very grateful to our school caterers Chartwells for providing some fantastic hot food to eat, and also to the PTA and The Cathedralian Society for their contributions. Food was also brought in by those attending the event, and it was great to share some home-cooked food and desserts - many thanks to you all for your generosity!

It was a wonderful evening and we very much hope that this will now become a yearly event on our school calendar.