2020 YR 6/7 Transition Video

Due to the current situation, we are unable to provide an orientation day this year. This video will answer many of your questions about the school and provide you with an opportunity to introduce you to some of the staff who are excited to meet you

Year 7 Induction Days 2020

All Year 7 students will be expected to come in on two occasions before the official start of term: 

Friday 4th September 8.40am - 12.15pm

Tuesday 8th September  8.40am - 12.15pm

  • Students should wear full school uniform and bring a snack, drink and a pencil case.
  • They will meet House Leaders, Tutors and other staff members.
  • Provided with Timetables
  • There will be  musical instrument introductions
  • Introductory subject lessons 
  • Tours of the School 
  • Library Presentation.

These days have been prioritised for Year 7 students to meet key staff, make new friends and become more familiar with the school before other year groups return. Students will be welcomed at the Cresswell building by their House Leader