Deanery Building (Main Reception) Closure

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season.


Unfortunately, a water leak in the Deanery (main reception building) has caused some significant damage. As a result the whole building will be out of action until further notice.


Our main reception will now be based in the Pates Sixth Form building and will be accessed from the Upper Quad by the Cathedral. The Student Support Services, including the SEND department, will also be relocated to this building (first floor in M004) and accessed by the same entrance.


Our support and teaching staff have been working hard over the last week to re-organise and ensure that any impact on student routines is minimised. Students will be informed of any room changes affecting them and re-directed as appropriate.


I would be grateful if you could be patient regarding responses to non-urgent enquiries this week. The main telephone number has been re-directed to the new main reception. However damage to the IT infrastructure means we are still in the process of redirecting some administration and pastoral support staff telephone numbers to their new areas.


As ever please keep children at home for 48 hours after any vomiting or diarrhoea. We also have a new out-of-hours (emergency only) contact number which can be found on the website: 07379 343058.


I look forward to seeing students return tomorrow and being in touch with you again during the term.


Very best wishes for 2017,

Paul Atkins