We aim to provide a rich, multi-disciplined Science curriculum that enhances continuity of learning and supports students to develop transferable skills that support their ability to learn and to be personally successful.  We are passionate about fostering a natural curiosity in students for the world in which they live in so that they might understand the role of Science in explaining phenomena. Within this we support and encourage the exploration of the School’s Core Values and hope to develop students understanding of and respect for others cultural identities.

Key Stage 3


All students in Year 7-9 follow a bespoke curriculum which has been written by subject specialists taking inspiration from the Exploring Science resources. This curriculum matches the new National Curriculum criteria and covers all aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The curriculum has been written to include connections between these subject areas and ensures students explore the big ideas that underpin scientific knowledge and understanding. The Working Scientifically aspect of the curriculum is taught alongside the subject content and each unit taught includes an extended investigation which focuses on the skills in this area.
Teaching allocation
At Key Stage 3 Years 7 and 8 are taught Combined Science in their house groups by one teacher with a four-period weekly allocation. In Year 9 students are placed into five sets and are taught two periods per week of Biology, Chemistry and Physics by subject-specialist teachers.

Students are assessed at the end of each unit using a combination of summative tests and levelled assessed tasks. Students in Years 7 and 8 have 12 assessments throughout the year, as well as an end-of-year exam. These assessments are used to inform the setting process for Year 9.

Students in Year 9 complete four units per subject and are therefore assessed 12 times in total across the three subjects.

Key Stage 4

At BCCS, for Key Stage 4, there are currently three routes of study; Separate Sciences, Core and Additional Science and BTEC Science. The decision about which route students take is made using evidence of their overall progress in Year 9, in addition to that provided by the end-of-year exam, which takes place at Easter after all 12 units have been completed. Students are re-set after the Year 9 Easter holidays and begin their GCSE or BTEC course then.

Students who consistently achieve the highest levels throughout Year 9 are most likely follow the Separate Science route. Most other students follow the Science and Additional Science route, which still allows progression to A-levels for students attaining the necessary grade for their choice of further education centre. This option allows the units to be covered at a pace that will give more time for consolidation of knowledge and enable students to obtain the best grades possible.

Students who we feel would benefit from completing a vocational qualification before embarking on Core Science GCSE will follow the BTEC First Award in Applied Science offered by Edexcel. The BTEC qualification is equivalent to one GCSE in Science and is examined through a portfolio of work and one examination. It is designed to support students in gaining a solid grounding in essential scientific knowledge and skills before they embark on their GCSE course. Following completion of the BTEC in Year 10, students then complete the Core Science GCSE in Year 11.

For further details of the three routes of study at Key Stage 4, please click on the link below: