Modern Foreign Languages

The skills of acquiring and using Modern Foreign Languages are central to our thinking. Languages are not only a means of practical communication, but are a valuable tool for further study. They help build a positive attitude towards the native speakers of the language and their culture and also foster empathy and teamwork.


At Key Stage 3 you will learn about many different topics in German, beginning with introducing yourself in Year 7 and culminating in being able to present information about Germany and German-speaking countries using a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary.  The culture of Germany is an integral part of the learning and authentic text is used where appropriate. In Year 9 you will have the opportunity to participate in the German Exchange, giving you the chance to practise your language.

You will learn to speak and write German, and understand when you meet spoken or written German. You will play games, do drawings, perhaps write sketches, you may watch a film, read some short books, record yourself speaking or acting in German; overall you will gain confidence in your language skills which you will continue to develop at KS4.


You will build on the language skills you have acquired in German during Year 7 when you begin learning French in Year 8.  The topic areas covered are similar to those covered in German so that by the end of Year 9 you will be able to speak and write with confidence in French, using a variety of grammatical structures and vocabulary.  You will also be able to understand a range of spoken and written texts, including authentic materials.  You will learn about the culture of France and French speaking countries.

Key Stage 4

The language skills acquired and the topics studied at Key Stage 3 will be developed and enhanced at GCSE level in Key Stage 4.

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