The information below focuses on the Mathematics curriculum at Key Stages 3 & 4. For further information about Mathematics at BCCS, including our co-curricular opportunities, see our Maths Specialism page in the School menu.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 we build on students’ current maths experiences and try to allow students to have a successful and rewarding progress towards deeper understanding. The students begin the year in four all-ability classes, and they studydata-handling. We then set them into five ability-related classes at October half-term. The class sizes taper from 32 down to about 16, and movement between sets is consistently appraised. 

Throughout Years 7, 8 & 9 the students then cover the number, algebra, geometry and statistical aspects of the course, supporting from level 3 to stretching at level 8. Throughout their work, understanding, rather than rote-learning, is encouraged and developed. 

Students are expected to own their learning, seeking help when required. There is comprehensive support on the VLE for the entire curriculum, as well as additional enrichment. The students’ textbook is always available, along with, and visits to the teacher are always welcome… 

Students get many opportunities to experience maths outside of the classroom. These include: Junior Maths Challenge; Junior Team Maths Challenge; Dauntsey's Dodecahedron, UWE Saturday morning masterclasses; World Maths Day; UWE STEM course; UWE Mathematics Event Day and the Go4SET engineering project.

Key Stage 4

For details of Mathematics at Key Stage 4, please click on the link below (PDF document):