The vision for Geography at BCCS is: 

  • To develop approaches to teaching and learning that place students at the heart of their education by creating communities of enquiry and participation that support increased student ownership of learning and the curriculum.
  • Design a rich, multi-disciplined Geography curriculum that will enhance continuity of learning and support students to develop transferable core competencies that support their ability to learn and to be personally successful.
  • Develop independent learners, who have the ability to enquire and negotiate routes through their learning that accelerate student progress through a personalised curriculum.
  • Create a natural curiosity for pupils about the world in which they live and the part they have to play in their community.
  • Foster a sense of enjoyment of learning to inspire pupils to become life-long learners.
  • Understand and respect others’ cultural identities.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9 the curriculum time allocated to Geography varies. The students have three hours of Geography each week for the first half-term, then alternating between History and Geography for the rest of the academic year. This means time is more concentrated and topics can be covered in more depth over shorter time periods, maintaining enthusiasm for the unit.

In Year 8 students receive two hours of Geography a week. This runs throughout the year and is taught discretely. In Year 9 Geography is taught for three hours a week, and as in Year 7, alternates with History every half-term. Geography is taught in mixed-ability House groups throughout KS3. Please click here to see the topic, trip and assessment overview (PDF document).

Key Stage 4

For details of Geography at Key Stage 4, please click on the link below (PDF document):