The overall aim of the English Department is to develop students who are literate, creative and enquiring, able to communicate clearly – in speech and writing – and work both independently and collaboratively.

English provides a gateway to skills that will improve students’ lives immeasurably, allowing them to unpick the media-rich environment of modern society and to open up a journey of self-discovery and of the world that shapes them. In English, the students will have the opportunity to make sense of themselves and the lives of others from different times and cultures; they will develop a sense of confidence in the expression of their opinions and values and learn the worth of logical, connected thinking.

At the heart of our approach to teaching English there is a love of literature, with which we all aim to inspire our students. Through reading a range of diverse and engaging texts, students will be taught to appreciate the power, richness and subtlety of words; they will be encouraged to read widely from contemporary and heritage texts and to be ambitious and original in their responses. 


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students are currently taught in their tutor groups. Students are not placed in sets, as it is felt that the breadth and variety of student type offered through mixed-ability classes is beneficial to the progress of all students. There are support classes provided for students who struggle with the basics in reading and writing. These are aimed at ensuring rapid progress and ‘catch-up’ for these students.

In Years 7 and 8, students are taught four English lessons per week. One of these lessons is a private reading lesson, in which students’ independent reading habits are nurtured. They are also taught one period of Drama.

In Year 9, students are taught four lessons of English per week.

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Key Stage 4

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