Mathematics is a specialism of Bristol Cathedral Choir School, along with the principal specialism of Music.

We aim to provide the very best mathematical education for students of all abilities. Those who are already keen on Maths we push to excel and reach the highest levels of achievement, including top grades at A-level Maths and Further Maths. However, we also work closely with those who are not so keen, developing creative ways of teaching the subject and countering any notion that they cannot ‘do Maths’. For example, rather than just marking answers ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, we encourage students whose working out is valid in some way, even if they have ultimately arrived at an incorrect solution to a problem.

We are working to introduce Maths into different areas of the curriculum and to promote co-curricular mathematical opportunities. We seek to show all our pupils that Maths is relevant and applicable in many areas of life: it is not just about doing sums. 

Our Maths and games clubs provide excellent opportunities for pupils to learn more about the subject outside lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. For those who are struggling in a particular area, we offer group Maths clinics and one-to-one help.