Latest admissions information for Year 7 2019


March 1st 2019 - National Offer Day - all offers of a secondary school place are made by your home Local Authority not the school. 

Your home local authority will endeavour to give you an offer of a school place that is your highest preference based on your choices submitted on the common application form, where there is a place available.

Bristol Cathedral Choir School has 150 places available for year 7 2010 entry.

We have received 1360 on-time applications for the 150 places available and therefore we are unable to offer places to every applicant who applied.

How have the 150 places been allocated for Year 7 2019?

6 places have been reserved at the request of the SEN team for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

The remaining 144 places have been allocated by applying the oversubscription criteria, in order of priority, as set out in the published admission arrangements 2019/20;
11 places for 'Looked after Children' or 'previously looked after children'
8 places for Probationer Choristers at The Cathedral
15 places for Music Specialists
1 place for a son or daughter of a member of staff
55 places for Siblings
54 places allocated by random allocation

What you need to do now

Parents and carers must reply to offers made via their home local authority by Friday 15th March 2019.  You should either:
  • accept the place
  • not accept the place and ask to go on a waiting list for a school that you applied for but did not get offered a place.  
  • not accept the place and request an appeal for your preferred school.
  • not accept the place and request new school preferences.
  • not accept the place and advise us that the place is no longer required e.g your child will be attending an independent school.

Please refer to the School Admissions website of your home local authority, e.g. Bristol City Council, South Glos, North Somerset for information about secondary admissions.

For information about appealing for Bristol Cathedral Choir School please refer to Appeals