From Our Head Student

Welcome to Bristol Cathedral Choir School; we hope that this website serves as an informative resource that will help connect members of our community. It is that strong, diverse community that we believe makes BCCS so vibrant and successful, combining the unifying ethos of 900 year tradition with the individual flair and passion of our students.

The dynamic atmosphere throughout the school aids in fostering a creative, intellectual and social confidence in all pupils.  In addition to academic excellence, everyone is encouraged to participate in the wide range of extra-curricular activities. This is an aspect of our community that we believe has offered us a well-rounded experience that is invaluable.

Throughout our education, we have felt completely supported by our endlessly committed teachers. Going the extra mile is a normality for our staff.  We are very grateful for the way BCCS has equipped us with the academic but also personal qualities needed to pursue our future interests. It is a place where all are supported in thriving in their own unique way.

We hope others continue to enjoy the many opportunities of this amazing school, If you would like to see the new structure of Prefects then please click here.

Benjamin Liew and Ellie Brook


From our Principal

Bristol Cathedral Choir School is an Academy welcoming boys and girls aged 11-18 from all backgrounds and of all abilities, and providing them with an excellent all-round education. We maintain a strong focus on academic success and deliver consistently good examination results. BCCS has remained Bristol’s most over-subscribed school since becoming an Academy in 2008. The School is a Church of England Academy with a distinctive Christian ethos.

As Bristol’s oldest school, we are proud of our long traditions, which of course include providing all the boy and girl Choristers for the Cathedral Choir. In addition, the School has Music as its primary specialism: our choirs and ensembles have established a national reputation for excellence across a range of musical genres, from gospel to classical orchestral works.

Our campus includes three major new buildings and houses a state-of-the-art Music & Music Technology area and a fully equipped theatre, among many other facilities. All our remaining city-centre buildings, many of them of historic interest, have been completely refurbished since 2010. Our extensive playing fields and modern pavilion at Failand provide ample space for winter and summer games.

Thank you for your interest in our school. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Neil Blundell, Principal