Core Values

Wisdom: Not just knowledge, but insight, reason, judgement, learning from our mistakes, listening and not being afraid to fail. From a Christian perspective, wisdom also stems from God, revealing his character of compassion, love, mercy and justice, and showing us how to live our lives together, respecting each other and the planet we live on.

Fellowship: Being together, in community, participating, supporting, sharing, welcoming, belonging, celebrating, diversity. In Acts 2: 42-47 the early Church were described as being in fellowship; they shared everything, were of one accord, and lived to serve one another, their God, and those in need.

Courtesy: How we treat each other – goes beyond politeness, but extends to kindness, empathy, mercy, forgiveness, alleviating suffering, giving to charity, selflessness and love, showing compassion and being respectful. God’s version of showing courtesy is to give his compassion freely, to feed the hungry crowd, heal the sick, help the helpless, protect the vulnerable, love the ignored and rejected: He encourages us to do the same and go the extra mile, to put others before ourselves.